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Who's Who in SSF

Incêndio ULTRACARGO 2015 | Painel Mar/Horizonte Oceânico Brasileiro (HOB)
Name Incêndio ULTRACARGO 2015
Country of residence Brazil
Primary institutional/organizational affiliation Painel Mar/Horizonte Oceânico Brasileiro (HOB)
City/town Santos
Province/state SP
Country Brazil
Contributor hsccosta (Incêndio ULTRACARGO 2015)
Contribution date 06/01/2021
Geographic scope
Local Santos/SP ( Região estuarina e portuária de Santos/SP) Região portuária - ULTRACARGO Brazil
Researcher information
Researcher No
Number of publications in the last 10 years 1
Highest level of education Master
Research method(s)/approach(es) commonly applied

Issues addressed

Economic Income Distribution
Employment/Income Generation
Food/Nutrition Security
Institutional/Transaction Cost
Ecological Anthropogenic impacts/threats
Anthropogenic impacts/threats
Traditional/local/scientific ecological knowledge
Ecosystems (inc. services, resilience, etc.)
Social/Cultural Development, social change, adaptation/coping strategies
Food systems (inc. sovereignty, subsistence)
Wellbeing, poverty and vulnerability (inc. life and/or job satisfaction, health and safety)
Livelihoods (inc. diversification, dependency, alternatives)
Social relations of production, exchange and consumption
Governance Ownership and rights (inc. human rights)
Conflict management (inc. legal representation)
Community-based/co-management systems
Organizations (government, NGOs, co-ops, private enterprise, etc.)
Participation/representation in decision-making
Politics and power
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