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Sharon Suri | University of Amsterdam
Name Sharon Suri
Country of residence United States of America
Primary institutional/organizational affiliation University of Amsterdam
Country United States of America
Contributor ssuri (Sharon Suri)
Contribution date 05/20/2020
Geographic scope
Local Langkat, North Sumatra ( Sumatera Utara) Unspecified Indonesia
Researcher information
Researcher Yes
Highest level of education Master
Research method(s)/approach(es) commonly applied

Ethnography, social network analysis

Issues addressed

Food and nutrition security, fish trade networks, mobile traders

Economic Food/Nutrition Security
Globalization / Liberalization / International Trade
Social/Cultural Development, social change, adaptation/coping strategies
Food systems (inc. sovereignty, subsistence)
Wellbeing, poverty and vulnerability (inc. life and/or job satisfaction, health and safety)
Livelihoods (inc. diversification, dependency, alternatives)
Intersectoral relations
Social relations of production, exchange and consumption
Governance Policy/tools/instruments
Common species name: small fish (general)    
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