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Brice Trouillet | University of Nantes
Name Brice Trouillet
Country of residence France
Primary institutional/organizational affiliation University of Nantes
Address Campus du Tertre
Address Chemin de la Censive, BP 81227
City/town Nantes (Cedex 3)
Postal code 44312
Country France
Contributor brice.trouillet (Brice Trouillet)
Contribution date 02/15/2018
Geographic scope
Regional Latin America Chile,
Asia Indonesia,
North America Canada,
Africa Guinea, Mauritania, Senegal,
Researcher information
Researcher No
Economic Globalization / Liberalization / International Trade
Ecological Sustainable/best practices (inc. technology)
Traditional/local/scientific ecological knowledge
Social/Cultural Development, social change, adaptation/coping strategies
Intersectoral relations
Intergenerational transmission of knowledge, recruitment, professionalization, education, training
Social stratification, power and conflict
Identity, place and culture (inc. material, belief systems, perception)
Fishing practices (inc. technology)
Governance Access and allocation
Conflict management (inc. legal representation)
Community-based/co-management systems
Goals, principles, knowledge and values
Organizations (government, NGOs, co-ops, private enterprise, etc.)
Participation/representation in decision-making
Politics and power
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