At a Glance

SSF type(s) Subsistence
Ecosystem type(s) Freshwater
Ecosystem detailed type(s) Other: Flood plain Wetlands and Reservoirs
Term(s) used to refer to SSF Artisanal, Indigenous, Small-boat, Small-scale, Subsistence, Traditional
Main gear type(s) Falling gear (cast nets), Gillnets and entangling nets, Hooks and lines, Lift nets, Surrounding nets, Traps, Other: Drag nets
Main SSF vessel type(s) Wooden
Time period of data 2017 - 2021
Total number of SS fishers 176


SSF Definition

No definition provided.

Distribution Channels

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Key Species & Landings

Major Issues

Ecosystem health

Social justice



Climate/environmental changes

Land-based pollution, coastal erosion

Poor governance

Stakeholder conflicts

Key Rules & Regulations

  • License/permit
  • Seasonal closure
  • Gear restriction
  • Taxes and resource rental charges

Household Income from SSF: 50%

Non-fishing Livelihood Activities

Farming/cultivation (rice, cassava, corn, vegetables, etc.)
Animal/livestock husbandry
Small trade
Small own-business
Wage/hired labour


  • Community-based management
  • Top-down/hierarchical governance


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April 21, 2021

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