Defending fishing space: Conflicts and marginalization of Small-scale Fisheries in the Saint Martin’s Island of Bangladesh

At a Glance

SSF type(s) Commercial, Aquaculture, Subsistence
Ecosystem type(s) Marine
Ecosystem detailed type(s) Beach, Coastal, Coral reef, Inter-tidal, Mangrove
Term(s) used to refer to SSF Artisanal, Coastal, Small-boat, Small-scale, Subsistence, Traditional
Main gear type(s) Dredges, Gillnets and entangling nets, Gleaning (collected by hand), Grappling and wounding (harpoons), Harvesting machines, Hooks and lines, Lift nets, Seine nets
Main SSF vessel type(s) Other: Local mechanized or semi-mechanized boats
Time period of data 2018 - 2019
Total number of SS fishers 4690


SSF Definition

The fishing practices that take place within 40m of the depth of water are called small-scale fisheries.

Distribution Channels

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Key Species & Landings

Major Issues

Ecosystem health

Social justice



Climate/environmental changes

Land-based pollution, coastal erosion

Ocean grabbing, privatization schemes

Poor governance

Stakeholder conflicts

Key Rules & Regulations

  • Gear restriction
  • Fishing effort restriction

Household Income from SSF: 55%

Non-fishing Livelihood Activities

Farming/cultivation (rice, cassava, corn, vegetables, etc.)
Small own-business
Tourism-related activities
Wage/hired labour


  • Self governance
  • Top-down/hierarchical governance


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