Solomon Island Fishery

At a Glance

SSF type(s) Commercial, Aquaculture, Subsistence
Ecosystem type(s) Marine
Ecosystem detailed type(s) Archipelago, Coastal, Coral reef
Term(s) used to refer to SSF Artisanal, Coastal, Inshore, Small-scale, Traditional
Main gear type(s) Gleaning (collected by hand), Grappling and wounding (harpoons), Hooks and lines, Recreational fishing gear, Seine nets
Main SSF vessel type(s) Fibreglass
Time period of data 1960
Total number of SS fishers 175000

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SSF Definition

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Distribution Channels

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Key Species & Landings

Sea Cucumber






Major Issues

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Key Rules & Regulations

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Household Income from SSF: N/A

Non-fishing Livelihood Activities


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