Cap Verde - Small scale Fisheries

At a Glance

SSF type(s) Commercial, Subsistence
Ecosystem type(s) Marine
Ecosystem detailed type(s) Archipelago, Beach, Coastal, Coral reef, Open ocean
Term(s) used to refer to SSF Artisanal
Main gear type(s) Gillnets and entangling nets, Hooks and lines, Surrounding nets
Main SSF vessel type(s) Wooden
Time period of data 2005
Total number of SS fishers 5078

Cape Verde, Cape Verde

SSF Definition

NB: There is any law specific to SSF even if in the official texts the term SSF is always used. The existing law refering to SSF concern mainly : taxes/ fees applied to SSF

Distribution Channels

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Key Species & Landings


4,307 t

Petits pélagiques

1,702 t

Espèces démersales

1,663 t


34 t

Major Issues

Climate/environmental changes

Land-based pollution, coastal erosion

Ocean grabbing, privatization schemes

Stakeholder conflicts

Stakeholder conflicts

Key Rules & Regulations

  • License/permit
  • Area closure
  • Gear restriction
  • Marine protected areas

Household Income from SSF: 95%

Non-fishing Livelihood Activities


  • Co-management/co-governance
  • Community-based management
  • Top-down/hierarchical governance


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