Northeastern Handline & gillnet Fisheries, Brazil

At a Glance

SSF type(s) Commercial
Ecosystem type(s) Marine
Ecosystem detailed type(s) Coastal, Coral reef, Inter-tidal
Term(s) used to refer to SSF Coastal, Small-scale
Main gear type(s) Gillnets and entangling nets, Hooks and lines
Main SSF vessel type(s) Wooden, Fibreglass, Decked (usually with inboard engine)
Time period of data 2000
Total number of SS fishers 1200

Pernambuco State, Northeastern Brazil, Brazil, Brazil

SSF Definition

Artisanal fishery: defined when directly practiced by professional fisher, autonomously or in a household system, with its own means of production or through a partnership agreement, and may, or may not, use small-scale boats. (Law # 11959/2009)

Distribution Channels

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Key Species & Landings

Mutton Snapper

160 t

Blue runner

155 t

Lane snapper

120 t


95 t

Major Issues

Ecosystem health

Social justice


Poor governance

Stakeholder conflicts

Key Rules & Regulations

  • License/permit
  • Gear restriction
  • Marine protected areas
  • Taxes and resource rental charges

Household Income from SSF: 90%

Non-fishing Livelihood Activities

Small own-business


  • Top-down/hierarchical governance


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