ISSF: Small-scale Fishery Profile - Blue Swimmer Crab Fishery, Australia

SSF Profile

Blue Swimmer Crab Fishery, Australia | 2003 - 2016
Fishery name Blue Swimmer Crab Fishery, Australia
SSF Defined? Not explicitly
SSF Definition (if applicable)
Data time frame 2003 - 2016
Contributor Laura ( )
Contribution date 10/29/2019
Geographic Scope
Local Peel Region Mixed Australia
Main Characteristics
Name Value Units
SSF type(s): Commercial
Ecosystem type(s): Marine
Ecosystem detailed type(s): Coastal
Other: Offshore Waters
Term(s) used to refer to SSF:
Main gear type(s): Other: Pots
Main SSF vessel type(s):
Average length of SSF vessel: Metres
Typical engine size (HP): Horsepower
Typical number of crew: Crew members
Number of day fishing per year: Days per year fishing
Total number of SS fishers: Fishers
Percent of SS fishers full-time: Percent
Percent of SS fishers women: Percent
Total number of households in the location: Households
Percent of households participating in SSF: Percent
Percent of household income from SSF (harvest and post-harvest: Percent
Post-harvest activity(ies) in the location:
Percent of women in post-harvest: Percent
Percent of children in post-harvest: Percent
Percent of total income or GDP in the location coming from SSF: Percent
Other non-fishing livelihood activities SS fishing people participate in:
SSF market and distribution channel(s):
Number of years SSF have existed in the location:
How are SS fishers regarded by other members of society?
Is fishing considered (by SS fishers) an occupation of last resort?
Governance mode(s) in SSF:
Property rights held by SS fishers:
Access held by SS fishers:
Key rules, regulations, instruments and measures used to manage SSF:
Major concerns/issues affecting SSF (which make them vulnerable or threaten their viability:

Common species name: Blue Swimmer Crab     Scientific/Latin species name: Portunus armatus    Landings (t): None
Peel-Harvey Catchment Council Type: Non-profit organization Scope: Sub-national
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