ISSF: Organization - Comunidad y Biodiversidad A.C.

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Comunidad y Biodiversidad A.C. | Mexico
Organization name Comunidad y Biodiversidad A.C.
City/town Guaymas
Province/state Sonora
Country Mexico
Year established 1999
Organization type
SSF definition applied? Not explicitly
Motivation/goals increase voice/representation in decision-making, improve market opportunities, enhance sustainability, address economic concerns, promote/uphold SSF rights, facilitate collaboration and networking,
Mission Promote the conservation of marine biodiversity and the establishment of sustainable fisheries through effective participation.
Main activities capacity building andknowledge mobilization, promotion of sustainable practices, development of networks/linkages, facilitatingcollaboration with scientists and/or officials,
Networks/partnerships/collaborations with other organizations state/government agencies, small-scale fishery organizations, community groups, non-governmental organizations,
Contributor sfulton (Stuart Fulton)
Contribution date 09/28/2021
Geographic scope
National Mexico ,
Economic Economic Viability/Analysis (inc. non-market)
Financial Viability/Analysis
Employment/Income Generation
Ecological Environmental condition (inc. climate change)
Marine protected areas
Habitat (inc. status, interactions)
Anthropogenic impacts/threats
Sustainable/best practices (inc. technology)
Traditional/local/scientific ecological knowledge
Ecosystems (inc. services, resilience, etc.)
Social/Cultural Development, social change, adaptation/coping strategies
Wellbeing, poverty and vulnerability (inc. life and/or job satisfaction, health and safety)
Livelihoods (inc. diversification, dependency, alternatives)
Intersectoral relations
Intergenerational transmission of knowledge, recruitment, professionalization, education, training
Fishing practices (inc. technology)
Governance Access and allocation
Ownership and rights (inc. human rights)
Conflict management (inc. legal representation)
Goals, principles, knowledge and values
Organizations (government, NGOs, co-ops, private enterprise, etc.)
Participation/representation in decision-making
Law/rules, compliance and enforcement (inc. customary)
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