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VIEWS India | India
Organization name VIEWS India
Address Venkatraipur
Address Gopalpur on sea
City/town Ganjam
Province/state Odisha
Postal code 761002
Country India
Organization type union/association, support organization,
SSF definition applied? Yes
SSF working definition forming and strengthening fishfolk assoication livelihoods promotion of small scale fisheries conducting studies on coastal livelihoods security and value chain analysis
Motivation/goals increase voice/representation in decision-making, improve market opportunities, enhance sustainability, address economic concerns, facilitate collaboration and networking,
Mission Vision: Empowering marginalized communities to improve their quality of life. Mission: Bringing holistic development through innovative solutions for a better society.
Main activities capacity building andknowledge mobilization, promotion of sustainable practices, development of networks/linkages, marketing and business development, facilitatingcollaboration with scientists and/or officials,
Networks/partnerships/collaborations with other organizations state/government agencies, small-scale fishery organizations, community groups, civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations,
Primary achievements

Project “Sustainable Livelihoods Initiative in Onitsha” for securing sustainable livelihoods in Ganjam district (Odisha) with the support of ICCO-Cooperation, Netherlands with the budget of EURO 80000 in 2017
Project-“Establishment of Social Enterprise for promotion of menstrual hygiene through affordable sanitary napkin unit” with the support from 1% Fund for Development, Switzerland with the budget EURO 10000 in 2017
Project-“Improving Livelihoods through Sustainable Agriculture and Allied activates for Social Exclude Communities with the support from National Foundation for India and The Hans Foundation, New Delhi in 2014 to 2016
Project Empowering Adolescent Girls in Urban Slums of Bhuabaneswar, Odisha with the support of Australian High Commission, New Delhi in 2016
Project SMILE-Youth for Development with the support from Nourish International, a chapters of Virginia Tech and Wiscon University, USA in 2016
Project-LIFE- Livelihoods Initiative for Fisherwomen Empowerment with the support from Nourish International, a chapters of University of Texas, Austin in 2015
Project SSR- Promoting Student Social Responsibility through Active Citizenship in association with Human Development Foundation School of Management and UNFPA in 2015
Project-Empowering Rural Youth through Life Skills Education and Entrepreneurship Development with the support from Nourish International, USA in 2014
Sustainable Development of Children through Education with the support from Nourish International, USA in 2013
Project-Bio Diversity Conservation supported by Centre for Environmental Studies (CES), Ministry of Forest and Environment in 2014

Main success factors

• 3000 +farmers introduced to modified paddy cultivation method called the “SRI (systematic rice intensification)”,
• 2500 +organic farms created to replenish micro nutrients and restore soil health of their agricultural landscapes
• 3000+ marginal families provided with alternative livelihood in fishery, livestock, agribusiness and microenterprise development for ultra-poor.
• 3000 nutrition gardens created to help women access healthy greens with adequate macro and micronutrients at their backyards.
• 1500+ Youth empowered through training to enhance their employability and job opportunities
• 1250 youth and eligible couples training on SRH, family planning and HIV/AIDS Prevention
• 1000+ adolescent girls trained in menstrual hygiene solutions, reproductive and sexual health.
• 2500+ Women empowered and enabled via Self Help Groups as a new breed of community actors.

Key obstacles to achieving goals

Strengthening of State level fishermen's union
Resource mobilization for addressing coastal livelihoods security
Networking and research

Contributor (bheem rao sourapalli)
Contribution date 08/22/2019
Geographic scope
National India ,
Economic Economic Viability/Analysis (inc. non-market)
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Environmental condition (inc. climate change)
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