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Petty Harbour | Canada
Small-scale fisheries (SSF) name Petty Harbour, Canada
Small-scale fisheries country Canada
Main Species
Geographic Scope
General Information about SSF
Type of SSF:
SSF type(s):
Dominant ecosystems in the location:
A. Ecosystem type(s):
B. Ecosystem detailed type(s):
SSF term and definition:
A. Term(s) used to refer to SSF:
B. Are small-scale fisheries defined?
Provide SSF definition, if applicable:
Main gears type(s):
Main vessel type(s),number(s) and engine size:
Engine size:
Number of SS fishers:
A. Total number of SS fishers:
B. % of full-time:
C. % of fisher women:
Number of all households and SS households in the location:
A. Total number of households in the location:
B. % of households participating in SSF:
Social Justice/Equity Issues
Background about SSF:
Justice in context:
Types of justice:
Dealing with justice:
Contributor's Information
Name of Contributor staff
E-mail Address
Country Canada
Role and involvement in SSF researcher

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