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Conapach | Chile
Small-scale fisheries (SSF) name Conapach, Chile
Small-scale fisheries country Chile
Main Species salmon
Geographic Scope
Local Parinacota, Tarapacá, Atacama and Los Lagos Rural, less developed Chile
General Information about SSF
Type of SSF:
SSF type(s): Indigenous,
Dominant ecosystems in the location:
A. Ecosystem type(s): Marine,
B. Ecosystem detailed type(s): not specified,
SSF term and definition:
A. Term(s) used to refer to SSF: Artisanal,
B. Are small-scale fisheries defined? No
Provide SSF definition, if applicable:
Main gears type(s): not specified,
Main vessel type(s),number(s) and engine size:
Type(s): vessel
Number(s): 407
Engine size:
Number of SS fishers:
A. Total number of SS fishers:
B. % of full-time:
C. % of fisher women:
Number of all households and SS households in the location:
A. Total number of households in the location:
B. % of households participating in SSF:
Social Justice/Equity Issues
Background about SSF: Exports were paralyzed and this resource is exported 97% to Spanish markets.
Justice in context: A worrying drop in sales of seafood is progressively affecting the artisanal fisheries sector since the health alert and quarantine were decreed due to an increase in the spread of covid-19, also known as coronavirus. The situation in Arica is alarming after having the first infection. government take the main steps around total prevention. We must realize that what is happening in the country is serious, and we hope to sit down with the Government to see how we do it.
Types of justice:
  • COVID-19 related
Dealing with justice: The call to authority is to define what is going to happen with the food issue, especially in the artisanal fishing sector, where they have been applying traceability systems for more than 30 years that give the population confidence for human consumption and today, of that, nothing There has been talk, or how the supply and the application of new, more demanding measures will be guaranteed to reassure the population and there will be no bigger crisis than the ones we are already experiencing
Sources: Sourced from the article by aqua
Contributor's Information
Name of Contributor Mehrdad Kiazadeh.
E-mail Address
Country Iran
Role and involvement in SSF Research Assistant

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