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Blue Justice Alert

Heiltsuk Nation | Canada
SSF Name Heiltsuk Nation, Canada
Location british colombia
Main Species not specified
Geographic Scope
Local British Columbia Rural, less developed Canada
General Information about SSF
Type of SSF:
SSF type(s): on,
Dominant ecosystems in the location:
A. Ecosystem type(s): on,
B. Ecosystem detailed type(s): on,
SSF term and definition:
A. Term(s) used to refer to SSF: on,
B. Are small-scale fisheries defined? No,
Provide SSF definition, if applicable:
Main gears type(s): not specified,
Main vessel type(s),number(s) and engine size:
Type(s): boat
Engine size: not specified
Number of SS fishers:
A. Total number of SS fishers: 40
B. % of full-time:
C. % of fisher women:
Number of all households and SS households in the location:
A. Total number of households in the location: 2500
B. % of households participating in SSF:
Social Justice/Equity Issues
Background about SSF: The fishery involves hanging weighted kelp from lines in bays or other areas where herring are known to spawn. After fish lay their eggs on the kelp, it’s harvested and processed in a Canadian Food Inspection Agency-certified plant in Bella Bella, B.C., where it’s packed in brine and then shipped as a crunchy, protein-rich delicacy to seafood markets in Japan.
Justice in context: In March, however, what had been anticipated as a potential $6-million harvest was cancelled – reflecting market upheaval as a result of COVID-19 and the challenges of physical distancing on small fishing boats.
Types of justice: on,
Dealing with justice: For those who have lost income due to COVID-19, we have created the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). We recently expanded it to include seasonal workers, such as fish harvesters and processors, who have exhausted their EI benefits, as well as those who make up to $1,000 a month. Anyone who meets the CERB criteria – including fish harvesters and processors – can apply for the benefit,” she said.
Other Information
Name of Contributor WENDY STUECK
E-mail Address
Country Canada
Role and involvement in SSF theglobeandmail
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