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ISSF is a global collaborative online database providing information on small-scale fisheries (SSF) to help enhance knowledge about this sector and their overall contributions.

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  • Learn about SSF around the world
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  • Share information about yourself, your research and SSF organizations
  • Contribute by creating a profile for SSF that you know, online, or using a template (available in English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese )
  • Explore SSF characteristics through charts, tables, and infographics with SSF Profile Reports
  • Visualize and compare SSF Profiles around the world using the GCPC tool

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Who's Who

Sérgio Mattos

Who's Who in SSF Profile
Sérgio Mattos works as a public manager at the Ministry of Planning, Brazil, and is a Fishing Engineer with a Ph.D. in Marine Sciences. His work focuses on the management of small-scale fisheries and fisheries resources assessment, with emphasis in fisheries bioeconomics and issues relating to the implementation of public policies. This approach highlights the concepts of economic and biological sustainability and calls for careful management that includes participation of fishers and others stakeholders. He is also a coordinator of TBTI ‘Global Synthesis’ cluster and a contributor to the transdisciplinary cluster.


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